VoiceOversOnLine.net is a division of Digital Video & Consulting Inc. , a full service TV advertising and video production facility in metro Boston, Massachusetts. We created VoiceOversOnLine.net to make our productions easier to complete, as well as yours. Just browse our demo samples and tell us who you like for your next project and give us your budget and we’ll coordinate it for you. We’ve developed a pool of talent from all around the country. All of our talent is professional and offer high quality, great rates and extremely fast turnaround.

DV & C has hired most of the talent and can vouch for their professionalism. Quite often we get them to do test reads for us if our clients request it. We pay them extremely fast, so they’re ready to work for us and for you.

Give us a try and you’ll find out why VoiceOversOnLine.net will be your

go to source” for professional voiceovers and narrations.

You’ll like what you hear !


Name: VoiceOversOnLine.net

Since:  2003

College: MP3 University

Major: Backtiming

Favorite Numbers:  1’s and 0’s

Favorite Book: Behind the Mic

Favorite Band:  Big Audio Dynamite

Favorite Food:  Acoustic Foam

Favorite Quote: “ Gettin’ it Done ”

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